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Upload File

This sample shows how to upload a shapefile to ShapeServer. It also demonstrates how to convert a file into a byte array so it can be used in the upload method.

List Files

The List Files sample shows how to retrieve a list of your private shapefiles. Publicly available shapefiles are also included if your subscription plan includes them.

Get Feature

Demonstrates how to retrieve a feature from a shapefile. An application can request one or more features from a shapefile by specifying the desired feature ids in the fid parameter of the request Uri, as shown in the sample code.

Get Feature Image

This sample shows how to retrieve feature images from a shapefile. Multiple features can be displayed in a single image. Various image style themes are available to create a professional impression.

Get Feature Map

Features can also be shown on a map. This sample shows how to retrieve features from a shapefile and render them on a static map image. Map types like 'road' and 'aerial' can be specified in the request Uri.

Export Feature

Demonstrates how to export features from a shapefile to a different format. Formats include GeoRSS, SQL Server Well-Known Text templates and others.

Delete file

This sample shows how to delete a shapefile from ShapeServer by using the DeleteData method of the RESTHelper class.

What These Samples Are

These samples are intended to get you started quickly and work through concepts. They allow creating samples for publicly available SDK shapefiles so you can get a feel of what's possible and what's not.

What These Samples Are Not

These samples are not an exhaustive study of each available method or functionality. Please refer to the documentation here for more detailed information.